Dear Students & Parents,

Coronavirus is very much front and centre in all our thoughts at the moment and it is likely to stay that way for some considerable time.

At Clive Elliott’s Martial Arts Academies we know that both our members and our parents will be concerned about what the future will bring. We want to ensure that we & you do our little bit, to help a lot!

We hold a duty of care to you, our members, and want to provide an environment at the club where, as much as possible, it is life as usual.

We are following government advice through its public information and guidelines. If you wish to refresh what the government is saying at any time, please click on the link below… guidance

We would like to encourage you to thoroughly wash hands with soap and water, each time for at least 20 seconds, both before and after class. Government guidelines is that you should “Catch It, Bin It, Kill It” – the slogan relating to coughs and sneezes. Please follow the slogan and bin your used tissues and then wash your hands.

Adults – you may notice that we have removed the bag that contains pads & gloves that can be borrowed. We have done this to keep the sharing of equipment to a minimum and want to take this opportunity to encourage you to purchase your own set of bag gloves & focus pads (you can get these from us) & to try and avoid sharing with training partners.

If you feel unwell or have been to one of the affected areas, please follow NHS advice and self-isolate. Please do not come to the club. If you start to feel unwell whilst at the club, you will need to self-isolate as quickly as possible, but please do not leave the club without reporting this fact to your instructor.

Please ensure you have a supply of tissues with you and use them to catch all coughs and sneezes, then bin the tissue and wash your hands with soap and water, (20 seconds) or use a sanitiser to kill the virus.

We will work to ensure our communications with you are based on the true facts that are also provided by latest government guidance.

Please do not hesitate to speak to us if you have any queries.

Kind regards, Clive & Kaz