Karen Elliott is the Senior Instructor at Clive Elliott’s Martial Arts Academies and has been training since 1995.  She holds a 2nd Dan black belt in kickboxing and a 2nd Dan black belt in Tae Kwon-Do. Karen is also an associate instructor in Jeet Kune Do and Filipino martial arts, as well as a UKMAA Instructor.

She has been involved in Cross training with her husband and Chief Instructor Clive Elliott since 2001, having moved on from running her own successful Tae Kwon-Do academy.

In February 2004, Karen became the 1st female Defendo instructor (level 1) in the world.

She has been teaching the Martial Arts to people of all ages since 1997.  She has done a great deal of study in the area of Sport Science, and has a good all-round knowledge of flexibility and nutrition.  She has been a qualified and experienced kettlebell instructor since 2011, teaching both privately and in class settings.

Karen fought in both semi contact and light continuous tournaments reaching 4th in the UK rankings for her weight division.  She also fought in the final of ‘Masters of Combat’ (BBC 2 TV series); and was the feature star of Martial Arts Illustrated December 2002 and the cover star in June 2004.

She has been married to Clive since 2006 and they have 2 beautiful daughters together.  She is also a proud step-mum of Clive’s older sons, Zak & Brandon – both regular faces at the Academy.