Alex is an assistant instructor in the junior classes and has gained a great deal of experience working with the children.

He started kickboxing at Clive Elliott’s Martial Arts Academies in 2007 at the age of 7. Alex started training in the junior class because he saw a group of children his own age lined up in the hall with Clive teaching them and wanted to give it a go.

He trained hard and in March 2014, gained his junior black belt – a huge achievement. He had already begun training in the adult class when he was 12 – wanting to be fitter for gradings and more precise with techniques for his junior black belt grading.

His aim was to carry on achieving goals at CEMAA and he has now become a senior grade adult student, with an excellent standard.

Alex’s thoughts

“I really enjoy teaching with Clive and Karen in the junior classes and in the adult class I enjoy the JKD session on a Thursday as it helps improve my attributes and it’s good fun.”