The Work of Bill Underwood

Defendo, created by Bill Underwood, is the internationally approved “Occidental System of Self-Protection” designed to enable it’s practitioner to put an immediate end to any physical confrontation, with or without weapons, turning the attacker into the victim.

This is accomplished through joint manipulation, restraints, strikes, grips, leverages and by manipulating the aggressors nervous system.

Direct and extremely practical, Mr. Underwood’s techniques have proven themselves through life and death combat situations in World Wars I and II and North American Intelligence and Law Enforcement communities.

Defendo Revived

Clive Elliott brought Defendo back to the UK in 2003. It has grown from strength to strength and has been practiced from young to the old.

The system has to be one of the easiest to learn, thus making it suitable to everyone. This is how it was developed to be used by the founder Bill Underwood.

British Ju Jitsu

British Ju Jitsu is the umbrella that Defendo, Combato and several other systems sit under. Having trained in several Joint locking systems including Ju Jitsu, Aikido, Kali, and Chi-na it is essential that we look at the most practical and functional way to teach and train Joint locking, Arrest and restraint and compliance, whilst not watering down the original art of Defendo.

It is important to grow and to not stand still in an art, there are many ways to functionalise our training and if that means taking principles from other arts then that is what we should be doing.